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Youth Ministry NinjaKon’nichiwa sekai! (Hello, world!)

My name is Nick and I’ve been in youth ministry leadership in some sort of capacity for 10+ years. I studied at Fuller Theological Seminary and currently serve as a full time youth director for a congregation in San Antonio, TX. I love what I do because I love seeing God change people’s lives.


I started this blog as a way to resource other youth workers who have a heart for seeing today’s kids grow up into Christ.

I have three main goals for this blog:

  1. Provide resources for youth ministry. Getting stuck in the weekly grind can kill creatively so I hope this blog can be a refreshing place where you can take a step back and regain some creativity in ministry.
  2. Share thoughts on soul care. Overextending ourselves isn’t healthy, and our ministry’s health will reflect our health. We’re not superheroes; we need to sabbath.
  3. Explore how to become more efficient in the office. Youth leaders don’t have a reputation for being very organized or gifted in administration, but it’s a key skill to have to do ministry well.
  4. Develop a community. I know that doing ministry can seem like a really lonely gig, but I hope that  you can find support and encouragement through this blog and other people who are engaging with the content.

My goal is to post twice a week: Tuesdays and Fridays, so be sure to check back on those days. Or you can subscribe via email (on the sidebar on the right), RSS, or follow me on Twitter: @nickarnold and @youthminninja.

I hope that this blog is a blessing to you and your ministry!

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