10 Off the Wall Youth Room Decorating Ideas


January 28, 2013Off the WallNo comments

Coming up with creative youth room decorating ideas for your church’s youth space can be tough. Youth rooms beg to be unique, homey, fun spaces. Hopefully a look at some of the following products will help spark some creativity.

(Yes, this post is meant to be over-the-top sarcastic, but if you actually purchase any of these items for your youth room, please let me know!)

1. Turn your pool table into a putting green

Pool Putting Green

It seems like so many youth rooms have uneven pool tables that kids play regardless of how awful they favor one side (usually the side that is sat on). But slant no more! Now you can combine the geometrical appeal of pool with the challenge of mini-golf.

2. Glowing pillows for your couches

Glowing Pillows

Sure, youth room couches generally look like 1970s vomit, but all you need to do is turn off the lights and throw a couple of these bad boys on there. Problem solved. Though you may need some reading lights for reading the Bibles. Nix that. Tell the kids to use their Bible app on their phones.

3. Katana bookends for your Bibles

Katana Bookends

Ninjify your youth room with these katana bookends… because, you know, the Word of God is sharper than any double-edged sword.

4. Jellyfish hanging lamps

Jellyfish Hanging Lamps

Turn off those annoying florescent lights and let the cool ambiance of the jellyfish calm your students’ nerves.

5. A height chart that compares your height to celebrities

"Who Tall Are You" Mirror

Because sometimes knowing how tall you are isn’t enough.

6. A floating table cloth

Floating Tablecloth

Sometimes a regular ol’ side table by your 1970s plaid couch isn’t enough. How ’bout an elegant, floating tablecloth? Yes, that should keep your junior highers occupied for a bit.

7. Indiana Jones movie quote poster

Indiana Jones Quote Poster

Pretty much the sentiment of every youth worker who’s learned to shoot from the hip.

8. Working Nintendo controller coffee table

Nintendo Controller Coffee Table

What better than a giant controller for your vintage Nintendo gaming system? Xbox is so overrated.

9. A few Minecraft torches

Minecraft Wall Torch

Nothing will help you share Jesus’ teaching on letting your light shine before men than by using a culturally relevant prop from Minecraft. Keep those zombies at bay.

10. Transform your gym floor into a Tron-like gaming surface

Gym with glowing floor

Not exactly a tip for your youth room, but I’m sure your church board would love to hear about how to redo the fellowship hall. These floors can actually light up different designs for different sports.

I hope you find these youth room decorating ideas helpful, inspiring, or at the very least I hope you got a chuckle out this list.

Full Disclosure: This post contains 2 affiliate links (the pool putting green and the light-up pillows). If you purchase any items through the affiliate link, this blog earns a couple bucks. This commission is used for things like paying for the domain name, hosting, and taking my ninja outfit to the dry cleaners.

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